Pioneer, Final ARC Session coming up next week!

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Our final ARC session "Implementation Planning" is coming up next Wednesday. We hope you can join us to set some milestones and timelines for your community. If you didn't get a chance to check out the ARC display at your co-op, our team will be removing it by 4 pm tomorrow (Saturday). We got to meet some of you and hear your feedback about ARC and the kinds of conversations you hope to continue to have as a co-op, even after the project ends. We'll be incorporating your comments into the workshop. Thank you for all your effort and patience, and we look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday. - The ARC Team

Pioneer, Redevelopment Discussion: We need your input!

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On Thursday, April 14 your co-op had a session on redevelopment, where we talked about the process, whom and what is involved, and the financial considerations. The presentation can be found here. We've also summarized the discussion in the "What We Heard" report. Now, we need your input. Please share some of your feedback in the "ideas" tool on this page, and let us know what you think should be included in a conversation about redeveloping your co-op.

Redevelopment Focused Conversation Coming up!

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Have you ever wondered: What does redevelopment mean? What does the process look like? What opportunities do we have to upgrade our existing infrastructure? What financial considerations need to be taken into account? Get answers to all these questions and more at our next virtual session on Redevelopment, happening this April 14, 2022. To enable our facilitators to get more context to guide the discussion, please complete this short survey (if you haven't already) by clicking on this link: If you have any questions or comments, or need the ZOOM link for the meeting, please type them out below or ask them in our Q&A tool. You can also contact us directly at We look forward to the discussion.  

AIRP Workshop Summary + Enter to win a Prize!

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Thank you for attending the session on Aging in the Right Place last Tuesday, February 22. If you have not yet completed the feedback survey, here’s the link. Please check out the presentation and summary on your project page if you missed out on the workshop. We’ve also added the BC Seniors’ Guide as an added resource that may be of interest. Prize Draw! If you attended the session or participated on the website before this session, you have already been entered into the prize draw. It's not too late if you still want to win! There are three ways to be entered into the draw: a) Comment on this post b) Participate in this short survey: c) Leave us a voicemail at 604-879-2984 ext 1 (press # to send). When it’s time to leave a message, leave us with a thought about aging-in-the-right place: “Is Pioneer the right place for you? How can it become the “right place”? Is it worth investing in those changes, or are the co-op’s resources best used somewhere else? Or even when discussing aging, what kind of language should members be using?” We’re happy to see any comments on the subject. For any questions about ARC, please contact us directly at or 604-343-2352. Please stay tuned for information on your next ARC session!

Pioneer, What we Heard-Vision & Challenges

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  At our last session "Vision & Challenges" on January 15, 2022, you had a chance to talk about what makes Pioneer such a great community, and what opportunities you have for improvement. Check out the "What we Heard" document to get an idea of what happened at the session. Does it capture your co-op well? Did we miss anything? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Comments: 2 comments Author Commented kattal  7 months ago @Lillian Thank you very much for your contribution. Lillian  7 months ago Thanks to all who participated in the first session and the Board and CHF/BC for their leadership in this project. I could not attend because of  technical challenges logging in.  I am grateful to be able to view what was accomplished and still give input.  So, here goes. CHOOSING A VISION STATEMENT (From A,B,C or D) I cannot choose just 1 statement.  On reviewing them all it is the combination of “D” and “B” that is a comprehensive statement for me.  “D” acts as a general “umbrella” portion of the Vision Statement and “B” provides the specificity from which our values come. Together they are complete. SUGGESTION for CONSIDERATION Vision Statement (revised) 1st paragraph “D” 2nd paragraph “B”. ( type as a new paragraph) RATIONAL In future, the statement easily can be reviewed and updated (new or additional specific vision/values) just by adding  another brief paragraph (ex. 3rd paragraph) Note: This is my 3rd writing as with 2 slips of the finger I lost my previous comprehensive comments.  I intend to stop here with the briefer notes for now and hope I get it right this time. Lillian Van Pelt unit #67

Pioneer, Welcome to ARC!

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Thank you for agreeing to become a pilot co-op for the Active Resilient Communities (ARC) Program. We are excited to start the ARC journey with Pioneer! ARC has been under development since June 2021, and we are ready to see how it works for co-ops. The plan is for ARC to serve as a comprehensive program to help co-ops through decision making and planning processes by providing facilitated support and access to topic-matter experts (for more about ARC, see About ARC). Being a pilot co-op means you (and other members of your community) will be among the first people to experience the ARC Program, including both our live workshops, and platforms for you to engage with on your own time (this website and a phone line). We will be asking you along the way to fill out surveys to provide valuable feedback about the program (and process), which will be used to make improvements for future program offerings. Again, thank you for joining us and we look forward to meeting and working with you! ~ The ARC Project Team

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