The ARC program focuses on individual co-op communities, encouraging engaging conversations and working towards the best visions for each co-op’s future. But there are some concerns that are pretty universal, and they can benefit from broader conversations across co-ops and geographies. CHF BC has recognized a few of these issues in its strategic priorities:

  • promoting a sense of belonging,
  • embedding sustainability in our actions, and,
  • expanding co-op housing (sector growth).

The ARC team wants to do its part by offering a platform for co-ops and their members to interact with some of these ideas. We’re starting with sustainability. That can encompass a few things, but we’re going to focus on the environment which we share and depend on. To begin, we offer a few games that you can play or suggest to other co-op members to get everyone thinking a little more about actions we can take and concerns we can explore together.

Crossword Puzzle


Here’s a chance to consider a variety of actions that co-ops can take. Some might work in the direction of reducing the amount of climate and environmental change (mitigations); others might reduce the impact of those changes on humans and other organisms (adaptations). Some of the answers are a little fuzzy and will depend a little on your approach. You can get a better sense of what we were thinking after you’re done. We’ve outlined our choices after the game.

Puzzle Explanations

Green City

Here’s an image of a city neighbourhood. There are some sustainable elements and some maybe not-so-sustainable elements shown. Take a look and think what’s noteworthy, then check some of the details identified.

Are we missing something? Are there any particularly worrying parts of the neighbourhood? Let us know — send us an email at