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Garden Square: Check out the Community Survey Results!

2024-04-04T23:26:59+00:00April 4th, 2024|garden square|

Hello Garden Square members, We have just completed the Stage 1 of the ARC program which was “Community Check-in”. As part of this stage, we asked you to participate in a Community survey to understand your concerns, interests, satisfaction ratings around various co-op areas and finally, the readiness for ARC. We are very happy to announce that more than 70% of the membership participated in the survey. I really wanted to appreciate your participation and involvement and thanks very much for sharing your valuable feedback and suggestions. As promised, we have emailed a brief summary of the results that came out of the survey to all of you. You can also have a look at the report right here on this page in the key documents section. Please have a look to understand what other members in your community feel and love about the co-op they are living in and what are some of the areas where they want certain improvements on. Please also let us know in the comments below for any feedback around the report or in case of any questions/concerns. Thanks again for exploring the chance to working together and stay tuned for more updates on upcoming sessions!   Shivani Sethi The ARC team

Garden Square: ARC portal Login Credentials

2023-11-20T20:33:21+00:00November 20th, 2023|garden square|

Hello Garden Square members, We promised you an exciting feature of the ARC engagement which is “Exclusive Members only access”, so here is it for you: You are currently viewing the Garden Square ARC portal. We have registered everyone on the portal, so Garden Square members can now have exclusive access to all the conversations, sessions summary, posts, key dates, and documents and all the relevant information regarding their ARC engagement. You must have received my email regarding the default login credentials which were as follows: Username - your email address Default Password – Garden@ARC (You have the option to reset your passwords – see below.) I strongly encourage everyone to reset their default passwords with the help of the below tutorial. Please reach out to us in case of any queries. Please Explore! Shivani Sethi The ARC Team

Garden Square, Welcome to the ARC program!

2023-09-26T22:52:53+00:00September 8th, 2023|garden square|

    Thank you for participating in the Active Resilient Communities (ARC) Program. We are excited to start the ARC journey with Garden Square! We will be interacting with each other through a variety of methods including workshops, drop-in sessions and online activities. We will also be available through this website and a phone line mentioned at the bottom of this page, throughout your engagement. We will be asking you along the way to fill out surveys to provide valuable feedback about the program (and process), so that we can make improvements to our program. Again, thank you for joining us and we look forward to meeting and working with you! ~ The ARC Program Team  

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